Industry Training

Our centre for doctoral training provides a comprehensive, integrated training package through close interactions with our partner companies and businesses, all of whom are involved in teaching the students. The training is delivered to the students in several different ways, including lectures, case studies, problem solving sessions and site visits.

Taught courses feature integrated industry/academic components for a holistic understanding of fundamental principles and the delivery of a product. The involvement of 19 diverse industrial partners allows for training that is relevant to a range of different business sectors and sizes. This combined training course will equip students with key knowledge in inorganic chemistry and materials science, and an integrated understanding of manufacturing processes and products from the start.

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Industrial internships

Industrial internships will provide students with the opportunity to work closely at the sites of one of our IMAT industrial partners, gaining experience relevant to one or more of the core themes: raw materials, process or product. Students will work within industry teams at sites across the UK and experience the demands and expectations of diverse end-users and customers.