Dzugutov Potential

The Dzugutov pair potential has the form:
V(r)=A(r^{-m}-B) \exp\left( {c\over r-a}\right) \Theta(a-r) + 
 B \exp\left({d\over r-b}\right) \Theta(b-r), \end{displaymath} (1)
where $\Theta(x)$, the Heaviside function, is 0 for x<0 and 1 otherwise. The parameters for the original potential devised by Mikhail Dzugutov and a modified form are given by:

  A B a b c d m
original 5.82 1.280 1.87 1.94 1.10 0.27 16
modified 3.00 2.109 1.65 1.94 0.52 0.55 4

The original potential has a minimum at $r_{\rm eq}$=1.130 of depth $\epsilon$=0.581 and a maximum at r=1.628=1.44$\,r_{\rm eq}$ of height 0.460 ($0.791\epsilon)$.

Comparison of the Dzugutov potential in its original (Dz) and modified (m-Dz) form.
\includegraphics [width=12cm]{/export/home/jon/tex/polytet/figures/potential.eps}\end{figure}

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