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Characterizing the motion of jointed DNA nanostructures using a coarse-grained model

Rahul Sharma, John S. Schreck, Flavio Romano, Ard A. Louis and Jonathan P.K. Doye

ACS Nano, 11, 12426–12435 (2017)

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As detailed structural characterizations of large complex DNA nanostructures are hard to obtain experimentally, particularly if they have substantial flexibility, coarse-grained modeling can potentially provide an important complementary role. Such modeling can provide a detailed view of both the average structure and the structural fluctuations, as well as providing insight into how the nanostructure's design determines its structural properties. Here, we present a case study of jointed DNA nanostructures using the oxDNA model. In particular, we consider archetypal hinge and sliding joints, as well as more complex structures involving a number of such coupled joints. Our results highlight how the nature of the motion in these structures can sensitively depend on the precise details of the joints. Furthermore, the generally good agreement with experiments illustrates the power of this approach, and suggests the use of such modeling to pre-screen the properties of putative designs.

The full paper is available from ACS Nano and for non-subscribers from ACS articles on request